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Phoenix OS user tips

You can use the start menu in full-screen style with more icons and large style for easy overview.
Hover the mouse to the top in full screen style. The application title bar can be called up for easy close.
Right click the icon on the taskbar to achieve the switch between full-screen mode and window mode in the menu. In case of a problem in application display after the switch, you can simply close and open it again for display.
Right click the input icon on the right of the taskbar to quickly modify the current input and soft keyboard state.
Open the file manager and click the text of the status bar in “My Computer”, you can view information on type and resolution,etc.
The Stardust Browser UA switch is on the left of address bar
It is troublesome to click and close too many tabs in the Stardust Browser one by one, so try to right click the close button on the browser.
When the application is maximized, hold down and drag the title bar for quick window change. Try dragging to the leftmost and rightmost sides.
When files are dragged and dropped into different directories in the file manager, the files are moved. If you hold down the ctrl key, the files will be copied.
The ESC key is equal to the return key on the phone. If you open too many applications, try the ESC key to quickly close them.
Terminal call: Only press Alt+F1 in any interface to enter the terminal. Press Alt+F7 to quit.